Flexible project boards
for designers and creators

Plan and share deliverables with your team. All in one place.

Your whole project in one place.
Sync Sketch files.
Embed prototypes.
Write documents.
Create lists.
Everything is laid out as a card.

Share your work with 7 card types

You can rename, resize, and reorder the cards you add.

Planning a new feature

Keep your product specs, designs, and dev specs all in one place. No more having to jump from shared link to shared link.

PM, Designer, Developers

Design work for a client

Help your clients follow along by keeping your work in one place. This means more understanding and appreciation for the process, not just the final designs.

Designer, Client team

Have conversations right on your Sketch files

Export your designs with all of your artboards exactly as you’ve laid them out in Sketch.

Keep the ideas flowing

Comment notifications and optional emails keep you in the loop on the latest discussions.

Share with different permissions

Invite project stakeholders via email or a shared link. Different permission levels keep you in control.

Real-time updates

Don't work in a silo. Your changes reflect on everyone’s computers immediately.

All together now.