Project boards that build team harmony 👯

Share documents, lists, prototypes, and designs in one place.

Here's how it works.

Boards are made up of cards.

Place your cards in a row... you and your team see the big picture

But to get some real work done, zoom in and start editing.

It’s pretty simple 🤙

But impressively powerful 💪

Ready? 🏎 Here’s a sample design project for a client

Zoom Out
Zoom In
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{{ card.title }}
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Everthing in one place
Stop having to track down scattered project files. It's all in a linear flow.
Simpler sharing
Share a single board rather than docs / prototypes across different services.
Smarter decisions
It's easier to make informed decisions when you can see what's important.

Here's what each card lets you do

Text Card
List Card
Images Card
Google Docs Card
Sketch Card
Invision Card
Marvel Card
Hover over a card type to learn about it.

Write documents with basic formatting options.

Great for notes or documents that don’t need much flare. Supports formatting like text styles, bullets, & hyperlinks.

Create sortable lists.

Great for important things like project goals. You can also reorder list items and drag them between multiple List Cards.

Share images or craft mood boards.

Upload any types of images and add captions. Paste images from other websites to use it as an easy mood board.

Embed a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.

To edit the document, just click Edit Document, and Google Docs will open up within Purple.

Share and discuss your designs.

Use our Sketch plugin to upload your designs. Then invite your teammates to add comments.

Embed a clickable Invision prototype.

Your team can view and comment on live prototypes right in Purple.

Embed a clickable Marvel prototype.

Your team can view and comment on live prototypes right in Purple.

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